The Lament of the Red Bag

22 Jun

So, I have discovered thrifting.  My best friend, Tony, has been thrifting for years.  Some recent finds for me. Mid-1950’s plates with spacey designs.  A Pistons Jersey.  A plaid train case.  A Polo dress shirt for $4!  My brother and I recently headed downtown for Second Saturdays downtown, Tucson’s newer monthly festival.  We hung out, listened to local bands, stopped in shops & galleries.  In homegrown Buffalo Exchange, I discovered a cool 1970’s Adidas shoulder bag, in red.  Wow!  That’s cool!  I want it!  But, having ridden my bike downtown and walking around with a backpack and helmet, I didn’t want to add that to my load.  “I’ll come back first thing Monday,” I told my brother.  I did.  Only to discover the bag was gone.  It was sold at Second Saturdays.  Aargh!  So, if you love it & it’s cool and it’s a good deal – BUY IT NOW!  Lesson learned.  Oh, and what else?  Buffalo will put a 24-hour hold on anything you desire!  Good to know!


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