But, can we live there?

5 Sep

We’ve all heard the news that plans are in the works for four student housing complexes downtown. One, on the site of the old “Y” is already in progress. This helps the (perceived?) student housing crisis. However, we all know that student populations are very transient. And, in Tucson, even more so. Perhaps ten percent of our graduates remain in town. And then there are the apartments for our seniors. MLK is already full! The Armory Apartments, being rebuilt on Congress east of I-10 will house those in the current building on South Fifth. So, we’re moving a downtown population from one site to another. I certainly understand the need there and find joy in the historic design. Finally, we have the option of luxury living in the Mercado District or the solar homes in Armory Park. That leaves no affordable housing for the rest of us. There are some folks in town who have some fantastic ideas. The Rob Paulus firm has created some great conversions for the upper stories of La Placita and the building on Stone & Broadway. These conversions would be right along the light rail line. Check ’em out on robpaulus.com. Corky Poster, who has a great sense of Tucson history, has designed an incredible condo housing project across the street from St. Augustine’s Cathedral. A beautiful homage to its surroundings. However, I couldn’t find it accessible on their website any longer. It sure would be nice to have condos built on Congress (per the original plan) where a proposed hotel will rise. And, since we have four relatively new parking garages downtown, couldn’t a developer come in and turn the NW parking area at Broadway and Sixth into street level retail with condos above? And we’re just awaiting more housing to go in at the parking lot across the street from El Charro. We appreciate the six condos going in at 44 E. Broadway, but we need more! Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think many more Tucsonans would live downtown if affordable housing were available.

Local film "Flor De Muertos"


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