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5 Dec

BICAS annual silent auction

While all the crazies were headed to the mall the day after    Thanksgiving, I took a quiet stroll down Fourth Avenue, Congress Street and Park Avenue to begin my Christmas shopping. There is a movement afoot, encouraging all of us to support small businesses. A national event suggested doing that on Thanksgiving Saturday. Others suggest ten percent of your shopping supporting local businesses. While this may be a good first step, I work toward spending most of my Christmas shopping locally or at small businesses. This is the third year in a row that I have actively worked to support Tucson’s small businesses.  It will be a little more challenging this year, as I am really mourning the loss of Telegram. Last year I did MOST of my shopping at this local crafts and artisan shop. As I peruse my bags of goodies this year, I find things from BICAS, Bookman’s, Little Bird Nesting Company, Bohemia, Popcycle, Buffalo Exchange and Obsidian Gallery (Thanks for moving downtown!). I’m doing pretty good, so far! You may or may not know that more of your tax dollar stays in Tucson if you shop locally. Do you want nice roads? A safe city? The Mission Gardens, Convento and westside re-creation of our city’s history? Then, shop local, my friends!


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