Ride By Observations

30 Dec

Today was a perfect day for a quick bike ride. So, I hopped on my bike, with water & phone in tow (I have learned my lesson!) to head – where else – downtown! My eyes delighted to see flooring going into An Express, the Reilly building gutted and awaiting new life, furniture going in to Brewd. But the most fun of all? New bike racks! “Where” you ask? Right next to Playground!

Two days earlier, my best friend, who currently resides in Portland, surprised me with a visit. I gave him the downtown tour. We lunched at The Hub. He raved! Gregarious owner Kade Mislinski gave us a sneak peak tour of Playground next door. Some of their custom design details have delayed their opening, slated for January 12. And, all I can say is, well, I can’t wait until they open! That night, we dined at 47 Scott. Again, this Portland foodie raved! We stopped next door for a signature drink, only to be turned away by the standing room only crowd! He was delighted in all that’s new in town.

While I’m staying in tomorrow, you may want to delve into the culinary deliciousness of the New Year’s Eve menus at Maynards or Cup Cafe. Not your thing? Well, the Aztecs are sacrificing a virgin at midnight at Club Congress!


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