Are You Shopping?

6 Mar

Several new stores have opened in downtown Tucson recently. Check out Tres Boutique north of the Fourth Avenue underpass for men’s and women’s clothing. On Congress you’ll find Lesco Optique (hip eyeware) and Perfect Pantry (hip homeware). Revolutio, a women’s boutique, has opened in the spot once occupied by Social Science.  Looking for some UA gear?  Check out the downtown spot!

Meanwhile, we mourn the loss of Bohemia, a unique shop that supported local artists and craftspeople, and our friends at Rockin’ Queen, one of the first local businesses to support downtown’s comeback.  Lizette, we miss you!  Thanks so much for providing some unique and special clothing gifts for my sisters!

And, we had actually hoped that Bohemia would make a return to the city center after moving east several years ago.

We can’t stress enough the importance of shopping at local businesses. When we do, we support something unique and special and strengthen Tucson’s economy.


One Response to “Are You Shopping?”

  1. Jerry Peek March 11, 2012 at 2:00 am #

    Here’s a message about Bohemia’s closing from one of its former artists. (Full disclosure: She’s a friend and client of mine):

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