March Madness!

11 Mar

The downtown core has its own March Madness this spring.  Agustin Brasserie, the new French restaurant at Mercado San Agustin is set to open on March 20th.  Meanwhile, workers can be seen laboring at their craft at Thunder Canyon Brewery (Fifth and Broadway) and Reilly Pizza (Pennington).  The nameless restaurant on Broadway is seeing AC ductwork going in.

We’re told that the new art and design work at the Ronstadt Center is to begin this month as well.

Meanwhile, WAMO has begun the first stage of re-envisioning the Steinfeld Warehouse as nine live/work studios and art galleries for Tucson’s artists.  The gifted architects at Poster Frost Mirto are designing the plans.  Scaffolding is up and folks are working.

Phase One of the Mission Gardens – the Kino Heritage Orchard section – will be complete before the end of the month!


One Response to “March Madness!”

  1. Jerry Peek March 31, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    A friend (and client) of mine just wrote that Beowulf Alley Theatre have outdone themseves with The Radium Girls, which plays weekends thru Easter Sunday. It’s another good reason to head downtown (and maybe grab dinner and/or a cocktail afterward, a few steps away, at Janos’ Downtown). Her review — with links to other reviews, too — is at http://www.AlicjaMann.wordpress,com .

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