It’s Just Around the Corner!

21 Mar

Be prepared! As soon as this weekend’s Fourth Avenue Street Fair is complete, tracks will begin to be laid for the long-awaited streetcar. The first phase will include a good portion of the track on Second Street, University Boulevard, Fourth Avenue, Congress and Broadway. The downtown work will be done at night, while the other spots will take place during the day. All of the Eighth Avenue infrastructure work will be complete end of April. The Cushing Street Bridge (now the Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge) will be complete in June. I, for one, cannot wait for our streetcar. I’ve always enjoyed the convenience of cool and accessible public transportation in other places & envy my friends who live & ride there. The aggressive schedule shows completion in 475 calendar days. The bid for the building that houses the cars goes out in less than a month.

I can’t wait to have dinner downtown and take the streetcar to Centennial Hall! Or, I could eat on University and travel down to Orchestra Hall to see the symphony or a musical!

Now, if only they would extend further north & near home. I’d never drive again!

Check it out @!


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