What’s Next?

29 May

The Sentinal Plaza
, the new senior housing complex being built on Congress next to the oldest tree, should see residents this fall. And, if you read the AZ Daily Star on Sunday, you’ll know that the new student housing The District on 5th complex is entirely booked for the fall!

So, what’s next? Here’s some things that are in the works. Oasis & Capstone Development still plan two student housing complexes in the Plaza Centro area. Three stories of apartments will sit atop the garage, while two seven-story towers will rise across the street next to the Rialto. Thunder Canyon Brewery now suggest a September opening at Broadway and Fifth in Tucson’s former first Safeway store.

The Sheraton at Speedway and Campbell is being refurbished into a hip new hotel, Aloft (of the famed W chain). The other potential hotel (remember that developers and planners don’t always complete their ideas) is planned on Congress, east of I-10. The Green Line on Congress includes a boutique hotel, 320 residential units and retail. Now, if only someone could come in and smartly save & renovate the Hotel Arizona!

West End Station, in the new Mission District, will begin in summer 2013, eventual home to 239 apartments and 30K SF of retail. I think that West End Station might be designed by Tucson’s Ibarra Rosano architect team. If so, expect something really fantastic and unique! The Monier Brickyard, across the street, once planned as condos, will also become an apartment building.

This fall, the RTA plans breaking ground at One E. Broadway, building six stories to house the RTA, 39 apartments and street level retail. The building across the street could easily be converted to apartments, too, right on the line of the Modern Streetcar!

Anyway, lots of ideas on the drawing boards! What do you think will come next? Take the poll.


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