The Life of Reilly…

3 Aug

I’ll be honest. Neither of us were hungry. But we had to stop in, say hello, and check it out! It was opening night, after all! The historic neon light beckoned us inside. The staff was eager & friendly. My friend noticed they had Stiegl Golbrau from Salzburg. Having studied there, his memories of the brew were golden! But, alas, they were all out. So, he settled for an IPA that was hoppy and delicious. I opted for a glass of sauvignon blanc. It was excellent.  My friend ordered the caesar salad. The dressing was light and lemony. The croutons homemade. I went for the watermelon and goat cheese salad. The two made an incredible pairing. The watermelon’s sweetness danced on my tongue while the creaminess of the cheese provided a nice balance. The frisee and mixed greens added another element of flavor and texture.  Again, the dressing was divine! We can’t wait to return.

Tucson’s FORS Architecture have created another visual delight – from highlighting the architectural details of the art deco building with paint and light to the lath wall in the seated waiting area to the tactile wooden wall in the lounge. You two have done it again!

Pizza is big on the menu at Reilly Craft Pizza.  We’ll try that next time.  They’re on Pennington Avenue, right across the street from the fabulous Poca Cosa.


The cool arches, my favorite element, with the lounge beyond.

The wall begs to be touched!




One Response to “The Life of Reilly…”

  1. Jeff August 3, 2012 at 1:51 am #

    Yes. We must go again! And indulge in the pizza, and possibly use the voice recorder on your iphone to see if we get any EVP (electronic voice phenomena) from the ghosts 🙂

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