Takin’ it to the Streets

18 Sep

The last couple of Saturdays have been quite fun for me. As I take my usual trek through downtown, I am enjoying the sights. Cyclists preparing for El Tour, stopping at a local coffee shop to grab a bite or some joe. Progress of the rail. Sounds of machines and workers at establishments yet to open. The cooler beginning of a blessed Tucson fall.

While rains have slowed the progress of rail installation, workers have already begun Phase Two of the project.  The yet-to-be-named new restaurant featuring Mexican food is slowly progressing toward their opening.  47 Scott is working on The Saint, a new restaurant on Congress slated to open in January, and Kade Mislinski opens Lulu’s Shake Shop next month during Second Saturdays. Petals, petals, petals is open on Fourth Avenue.  Fresh coffee wafted through the air as I cycled by.  Workers can finally be heard at the site of Thunder Canyon Brewery.  And Cadence, the new apartment complex rises from the site of the old Greyhound station and atop our new parking structure.  The Luis Gutierrez Bridge claims to have opened September 10, but they seem do being some additional sidewalk work.  Pedestrians and cyclists will have to take the dirt road through.

Cadence will bring hundreds more residents to the east end of downtown.

More track laid and streets open.

New decorative work going in at the Ronstadt Center.

Eighth Avenue rail already installed!

Progress on the home of the Modern Streetcar.

Our second Ben’s Bells mural adds spirit to the business district.

Rail installed on Congress Street!


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