So Savvy!

16 Dec

So, you can put your tail between your legs & slowly walk away. OR – you can anticipate your business burgeoning with new activity! Several local entrepreneurs have done just that. Rather than closing up shop while the roads are being ripped up for the impending modern streetcar, local businesses are expanding.

Kade Mislinski, of Hub, and more recently, Playground fame, has opened up Lulu’s Shake Shoppe in back of his Congress Avenue ventures. Our friends Nicole & Travis at 47 Scott have taken over the corner of the Fifth/Congress block vacated by another tenant and will open their second restaurant and third venture this spring. Chicago Music has received matching funds to bring their historic facade back to life. During the construction they have often offered coupon discounts. Meanwhile, on Fourth Avenue, Magpies pizza has expanded, including an outdoor bocce ball court. Delectables, too, has expanded. Their kitchen and bar are larger and they now offer breakfast. Tiburon Apartments, at Fifth & Broadway have undergone a recent remodel and Cafe Poca Cosa is building a new and larger outdoor patio.

Thanks, local business owners, for believing!


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