Smart Plan

16 Jan

Several folks are gathering together this week, hard at work, being intentional about future planning for our city. Land use is being looked at within 1/4 mile of the streetcar line. Public input is sought. Mayor Rothschild, Corky Poster of design firm Poster Frost Mirto and Marcy from a Portland design firm kicked off the week with a presentation at the Rialto Theater Monday night.

Did you know that the streetcar connects two of three major employment centers? Did you know that many of Tucson’s brightest young people leave because they yearn for a strong urban core & more?

Planners are looking at ways to honor our cultural heritage, neighborhood character, offering modal choices, considering streetscape, connectivity and walkability. In addition, planners are focusing on employment and activity trips with the modern streetcar.

The intent is to meet with people, listen, and design. The team has meeting plans for the entire week and are holed up on the second floor of the historic train depot, working, designing and planning.

The design charette process will complete the week with a presentation at 10 AM at the Rialto Theater on Saturday. The public is invited.

The process is the beginning of their work that should be complete by October of this year. The presenters seemed genuine, eager and smart in their intentions for continuing to support a vibrant core for Tucson in the 21st century!


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