Design Ideas Abound

4 Mar

IMG_2172The Design Charette team held fifty meetings with 650 people in less that a week’s time. Most of the feedback was positive and supportive. As the team worked, they recognized that 4000 years of history takes place along the line.

The team used this idea as one of their guiding principles for design and suggest that our sense of place and history should be the foundation for all decisions made. Streetscape, parking, mixed use, connectivity, housing and economic development should play a major role in developing an exciting core along the streetcar route.

The differing areas of history include: Origin, Barrio, Placita, Railroad, Avenue, Neighborhood, University and Science. Designers used these historic designations to create their vision for downtown Tucson’s future. The hope is to create a set of design standards, partnerships and funding sources to develop in a strategic and thoughtful way.

Four more public meetings will take place between now and October 2013. The goal is to assemble a development strategy, a downtown links strategy, streetscape strategy and parking strategy.

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