Penca Opens

4 Mar

It was a long time coming. At the base of the rail line, in an old garage sandwiched between Providence and 44 Broadway, Penca has finally been birthed.

With awesome party beards in tow, my friends and I overcame the obstacles that is downtown construction, and headed to Penca Friday night. They were in the midst of their soft opening, with friends and family filling the place. We were seated following the opening.

The room is a delightful mix of found objects and re-use – from the bird cage light fixture to the concrete bar, to the wood clad siding up the wall. The street front windows swing wide open to let in the air naturally. The tin roof can still be seen when you look up at the rafters. Old chairs and pickling jars abound. A black and white mural of Broadway years ago graces one wall in what could be easily transformed into a private dining room for a group.

Mexican fare reminiscent of Mexico City cuisine is shared here, on dishware created by local Santa Theresa Tileworks. The water is served in cool looking “lab” jar pitchers. I had the carnitas tacos with poblano rice and calabacitas. The pork was tender and flavorful. And, while I’m no expert, the sangria was the best I’ve ever had – a fruity, herby concoction that danced on my tongue! I can imagine how refreshing that will be on a hot summer Tucson day!

Penca opens officially on Tuesday.  They’re located at 50 E. Broadway, w. of Scott Avenue in downtown Tucson.



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