Proper – It’s the Food!

12 May






Well, you know I had to stop in for the opening Monday night. Most every Monday I walk in the Meet Me @ Maynard’s social run/walk. I couldn’t wait for the walk to be done so my friend and I could check it out.

At 7 PM, there was already a thirty minute wait! They took our info, we took a little walk & came back. They texted us & we were invited in. I was sure that we would be turned away. Remember, we were in athletic wear and had just completed a four mile walk in Tucson spring weather. They greeted us warmly & without reservation. We told them that we came for the opening and we were part of M3. “We’re giving 10% discount to anyone from Meet Me @ Maynard’s.” We were impressed!  Opening night!

Farm fresh, sustainability and local are all a part of the plan. Thought went into the decor as well, from the handcrafted tables using wood from the building to the tiles that scale the walls from a Flagstaff tree to the plumber pipe lighting hanging from the open ceiling.  The bar windows swing open to serve inside and out.  A private party room is divided by wine cellar walls.

My friend had the hard cider and a burger while I sipped on the pinot grigio and the cold melon soup. Our taste buds danced with delight! Proper – it’s the food – it’s what we should be eating – healthy, fresh, local. The menu is brimming with all kinds and sizes of tastiness. And, beginning today, Proper plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Pretty smart, knowing that more than seven hundred new residents will just be steps away come fall.

Krista, our waitress who has experience at downtown eateries, was as delighted as we were at the opening and the exuberance spilling over onto Congress. She was fantastic. Here it was, a Monday night, and Congress Street was bustling with people.  We enjoyed a wonderful conversation with the GM, Tina, as well, who embraced our presence as new patrons.

Paul Moir certainly has a hit on his hands! His restaurant seals downtown as a definite destination for foodies. They’ll soon have patio seating and bar stools on the outside as well.



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