Cycling Celebrated

19 May
Vox Urbana shaking it up at Borderlands Brewery.

Vox Urbana shaking it up at Borderlands Brewery.

So, did you miss out on all the fun during the month of April? Living Streets Alliance and Bike Fest Tucson pulled out all the stops to celebrate cycling month. The first & last Sundays in April bookended the monthlong party with the amazing fiesta we know as Cyclovia. More than 25,000 riders of all ages participated in the neighborhood fun. Cycling, games, music, booths, DJs, food, frolic. If they can raise the funds, we’ll have even more Cyclovia fiestas next year!

Additional events included more than 100 participants at Happy Hour at Borderlands Brewery on Toole Avenue downtown, including fantastic finger food, free gifts and live music by Vox Urbana.

Thirty riders participated in a historic tour of downtown the following night, hosted by David Olsen of Zocalo magazine. It was a fun, informative & relaxing ride. I headed over to Penca for dinner afterwards. The place was packed and a line was out the door. I noshed on the fish tacos, pinto beans, fingerling potatoes and their thirst quenching house made sangria.

Finally, LSA suggested a monthlong cycling challenge. Most of our trips are less than two miles from home, so why not bike it instead? I took them up on the challenge, making 30 trips in 30 days and biking nearly 250 miles. While I didn’t win their bike giveaway, I had lots of fun along the way. Healthy, green and saving some green, too!

Our historic tour.

Our historic tour.

Cyclovia midtown.

Cyclovia midtown.

Tucson helps others.

Tucson helps others.


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