El Dia De San Juan

19 Jun

IMG_1410Tucson knows how to throw a good party. Consider the spectacle that celebrates Dia De Los Muertos where more than 10,000 gather each fall. This annual event combines culture and community to create something uniquely special to this place.

On Monday, June 24, many will gather at the base of the mountain where generations of humans have lived and bonded for more than four thousand years. The Mercado San Agustin has become home to this sixteen year old event, the festival for San Juan. Once again, culture and community combine, providing a richness to our heritage and modernity. I have gone several times and while we have created a new tradition here, it never gets old. From the procession of St. John the Baptist (anyone can join in. sound familiar?) to the native family of dancers who dance and pray for rain, burning sage wafting in the air, children dance alongside their elders learning and growing together.

The event will include live music, food and drink vendors, mariachi and folklorico dancers, young and old. It takes place from 5-10 PM.

And by the way, for three of the last four years, it rained the next day.



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