Tap & Bottle

21 Aug

While we missed opening night, my friend & I hopped downtown to check out the new digs @ 6th & 7th. The place was packed! Three bartenders were on hand to assist customers. A friendly patron helped us with our order – many options for beer (20!) or wine (6) on tap. My friend’s first choice was already tapped out, but he thoroughly enjoyed the patron’s recommendation.  I had the Pinot Gris – yummy pear flavorings.  Their offerings rotate & you’ll want to check out their event board. It seems that things are happening all the time at this place.

Craftsmanship is evident in the decor, from the wood & metal work to the logo, growlers and coasters (where you can add your tasting notes!)  Much thought and love went into this place.

On our Wednesday night visit, food trucks hung outside, providing eating options to share with our libations. I’ve heard that this has become a regular thing.  What a great pairing!  Several cases of beers, hard ciders and more fill the back market area – over 400 are showcased, with deft descriptions for the curious, adventurous or those who just want to learn more. Bottled wines are also available, but not as numerous.

A special craft brew is being offered tonight to remember the 19 firefighters who recently lost their lives in Prescott battling blazes.  Check ’em out, if you haven’t already!

A wide assortment available to take home!

A wide assortment available to take home!

Thirsty, friendly patrons fill the space.

Thirsty, friendly patrons fill the space.


One Response to “Tap & Bottle”

  1. Roma August 21, 2013 at 3:54 am #

    Excellent! I wondered if you had been there yet. My friends were posting beer pics tonight too!

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