Not Your Nana’s Tacos

27 Dec


IMG_3253Eight of us wandered into Gio Taco on Monday night, following our weekly Meet Me @ Maynard’s walk. We all walked up to the counter to place our order. Then we sat at the community table nearby. We were each given an etched metal number as we awaited our food.

Our travelers raved over the different flavors we each sampled – from the fish taco to the grilled steak – from smoked turkey (with kale and blackberry) to the self-named Gio (house smoked and coffee & chipotle rubbed pork belly with seared butternut squash and pumpkin seed salsa). Metzger (of Jax Kitchen & Abbey fame) continues his tradition of treating Tucsonans and guests to a mouth full of flavor. You can go a la carte or combination style.   All tacos are built on an in-house corn tortilla creation.  Other yummy samplings this night include plantain chips, a fresh kale salad and cantaloupe water.

You can order to go. And, if you’re a student at the Cadence, you can belly up to the window from the pool area!

Beneath Cadence, near the intersection of Fourth Avenue, Congress & Toole, Metzger has added a unique food offering to the growing choices downtown.



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