Now this is a Coffeehouse

1 Jan

IMG_3263True coffee lovers love coffeehouses that serve excellent coffee. Period. Coffeehouse lovers love a place where they can hang out, have conversation, study or work. Cartel Coffee Lab does not disappoint either one!

The cavernous space is industrial – exposed brick walls, lots of wood and metal handcraft work. Funky stylist chairs sit, ready for conversation, at the tables near the windows. Fun lighting and skylights bring lots of light into the building, once Arizona’s first Safeway. Music plays, but invites conversation rather than discourages it. Local art, offered by Douglas Truth at the moment, grace the walls.

The staff are ready to serve, but never get in the way. Coffee – either espressos or filtered several ways – is offered. I had the cappuccino and it was very good. Tea is offered as well – black, green, oolong or herbal. A wood fired oven is central to the space and Cartel offers interesting flavor combinations of wood fired pizza. I opted for the Potato which included mozzarella, broccoli, roasted red pepper and dried chili (uh, and potato). It, too, was very good and more than enough for one. As I watch the streetcar ride by, I look forward to trying The Gordo next time, which includes gorgonzola, pecan and pear! Yum!

At the corner of Herbert and Broadway, the folks at Cartel also serve breakfasts and desserts. The prices are reasonable, the ambience is chill and the food and coffee invite you back for more! Check ’em out!






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