Grow It. Then Eat It.

2 Jan

IMG_3283More and more people and eateries are focusing on seed to table meals here in Tucson. This is good news, because we’re making better eating choices & feeling better about it.

“All organic. All local. All love.” is Food For Ascension Cafe‘s mantra. While they’ve been quietly open for five weeks, the grand opening takes place on January 17. The owner tells me that they are already doing well.

It’s no wonder why. I stopped in the other day for the first time and looked over the menu. I recalled my visit to a vegan restaurant and bakery in Ft. Wayne, Indiana this summer, Pembroke Bakery and Cafe. I longed for something like that here. I think I’ve found it!

The food options come in two portions. The menu changes, based on what’s available locally. “We are a vegetable-forward eatery honoring our land and our farmers.with a menu that is changing daily to reflect the harvest that passes from their hands to ours.” They’re partners with more than a dozen local farms, including Avalon Organic Gardens and more. Cafe Aqui coffee and Seven Cups Chinese Tea are offered.

I opted for a cup of pumpkin soup with fresh cracked black peppercorn and a little heat to balance the sweetness. The serving was generous.  Crackers made of corn flour, sesame and sunflower seeds accompanied. The flavor and crunch was a perfect mate to the soup. Everything here is made in house, from scratch.  I’m told we may get more pumpkin offerings in the near future – maybe for breakfast? Great! I love all things pumpkin!

My second selection was the polenta with grilled greens and pesto. A splash of balsamic on the plate provided further flavor options. This, too, was filled with flavor. If you have to have an egg with your meal, they offer that too, fresh from the farm.

Seagrass chairs accompanied the tables, with organic cotton linens and recycled wine bottles turned to water glasses. It appears that one can dine al fresco on the roof as well. For those familiar with the music of London’s Buddha Bar, similar zen music played quietly in the background. They even compost!

They’re open from 9-9 and are steps away from Food Conspiracy Co-Op on Fourth Avenue, and Arizona’s only solar powered bookstore, Antigone Books. Seems they’re in the right neighborhood!

I can’t wait to come back and try the homemade bread pudding.



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