Yes, you CAN live here…

1 Mar

…and you don’t have to be a student. While we’ll see the completions of The Hub, Next and The Junction @ Iron Horse this summer – new student housing, which is pretty cool architecturally – there are places the rest of us can live downtown.

The recent openings of The Herbert (units as low as $550 monthly!) and One East Broadway ($1184-1293 – only one left!) have brought market rate apartments (with nifty views!) to our core. The Flats @ Julian Drew Block – Fifth and Broadway – have recently been placed on the market. This apartment complex was re-done by local architectural wiz Rob Paulus. They’re slick and contemporary and make good use of the small space. The pool and courtyard are outstanding. And…it’s quiet! Studio and one bedroom condos are selling between $105K-145K.

Meanwhile, the property on Congress, once destined to be condos, then a hotel, is now planned to become a five-story mixed use space. Designed by Paulus. Called The Post. It seems the living space will be apartments though, and not condos. The good news – courtyards and open space are planned! On the west end, it appears that the Monier (rather than West End Station) building may be arising from the ground this year as well. Once planned as condos, this space has also been altered to become apartments.

Progress on The Hub near UA.

Progress on The Hub near UA.

The Junction @ Iron Horse

One East



The Junction @ Iron Horse.

The Junction @ Iron Horse.

Rendering of The Post.

Rendering of The Post.



2 Responses to “Yes, you CAN live here…”

  1. Kent Simpson March 5, 2014 at 10:59 pm #

    Although the style of the Flats at Julian Drew Block condos are reminiscent of Rob Paulus’ work, these are the work of another architect.

    • ilovedowntown March 7, 2014 at 12:34 am #

      Whose work? The real estate folks who gave us the tour told us it was Paulus.

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