A Cozy Cafe

10 Jun



IMG_3738I finally found time to stop by Coronet Cafe. Housed at the southeast corner of Ninth and Fourth Avenue, the tiny restaurant is steps from the modern streetcar. The owners painstakingly took time to open this place and attention is definitely in the details.  With European flair, it’s tucked into the historic Coronado Hotel.

From the beautiful tile floor to the woodwork, working transom windows separating dining from cooking, the stained glass window above the door, the look of the menu, plates and plating, fresh sunflowers sit atop the bar, the ambience transports you to a place like no other. While there is only seating for eighteen inside (not counting the stools at the bar), bench seating is used and tables can be pushed together to accommodate larger parties. The beautiful outdoor patio (yea, more alfresco dining!) invites an additional 36 patrons.

For those of us who enjoy breakfast (me!), you’ll find breakfast and lunch are served each day until three! The menu features salads, tartines (read: open faced sandwiches), quinola, porridge, coffees, teas, pastries and craft drinks, beers and wines and more.  They serve brunch on the weekends.

I opted for the in-house sparkling lemonade with mint and dill. I noshed on the fig tartine with onion jam, “kick ass” goat cheese (co-owner Sally Kane’s words) and thickly sliced bacon – cooked just right. It was served with greens that were lightly dressed as they should be. Lemony! Everything was fresh and bursting with flavor. For dessert, I had a cappuccino and an espresso ginger snap – with light icing and lemon zest. Despite being busy planning for future menus with staff, Sally made sure that I was happy.


Saddened a Monday ago to find the place closed (summer hours), Coronet Cafe was open last night and filled with diners both inside and out. Hopefully this will continue for all you Monday night walkers & runners!  I can’t wait to go back, bringing friends in tow!





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