But there’s nothing to do…

17 Jun

So, the cool thing is that I love to patronize businesses that just happen to be along the streetcar route. Some of my favorite eats and shopping happen here, as you can attest to! Well, apparently I’ve been rewarded for my efforts. The merchants of all four areas have gotten together to promote their businesses through the sweltering summer in Tucson.

Folks, the sidewalks have NOT been rolled up. The red carpet has been rolled out. Well, OK, you can be rewarded, too! Grab your Summer in the City discount card for $5 at any of the merchants – over 100 participants – or $7 online (http://www.TucsonSummer.com).

I got mine at Maker House Sunday night and already used it at Maynard’s Market last night for a bite of fresh quiche with gruyere (yum!) accompanied by a pineapple melon agua fresca. Sitting on the back patio and facing the railway, it was a perfect compliment to a warm summer evening. And, hey, I already saved $1.50!

Looking for something to do in the summer? Check out Sacred Space @ Maker House on Sunday nights @ 4:30 PM. Their mission? “To cultivate compassion that leads to social justice so that all beings can thrive.” A great place to rest, find your center and connect with community. You can check them out @ http://www.sacredspacetucson.org.

And, if you already can’t stand the heat, you MUST get out of the kitchen and over to Mercado San Agustin next Tuesday, June 24, for the annual Dia De San Juan Festival. We’re praying for rain, people. You don’t want to miss this annual FREE event – procession, dancing, live music, food, & rodeo! More info on their FB page.

Lastly, don’t forget to come to the grand opening celebration of our streetcar, July 25.  You can RSVP online.  The kiosks are in place, the eight American-made cars continue their testing runs, and the poetry from UA Poetry Center grace the rolling screens at several stops along the route.


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