If I Had a Truck…

20 Jun


IMG_3802…I would back it up to the entrance of Gather, load up and take everything home. I blame my friend of thirty years, Tony. He’s always been a thrifter. I didn’t get it. Until I visited his home – filled with character, personality and story – all bought for a song (good thing, since we’re both musicians!) I have thrifted with him on occasion and found his discoveries uncanny – original art, furniture, full sets of china or silver – for unbelievable steals.

Anyway, I happened upon Gather yesterday. Nestled in the warehouses of what once was Arizona Sash, it beams among the newly complete St. Mary’s Road. The roadway is smooth and easy, the aesthetic quite pleasing. If only there were some native trees… Gather is a vintage market that happens from time to time – with all things for your lifestyle – inside your home and out. Seriously, I eyed very many things that I wanted to take home. The store is set up in a visually appealing way and the prices appeal to the Tucson market. I’m going back and will have to make the tough decision of what to bring home with me. Something that will continue to tell my story.

Gather is located @ 657 W. St. Mary’s Road, They are open Thursday through Saturday, 10-6, Sunday 10-3 this weekend and again August 8-10. http://www.gathervintagemarket.com.




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