Taking the Ride

29 Jul

IMG_4104Well, I’ve ridden the streetcar four times now. Twice on Friday, once Sunday, then again yesterday. The weekend rides were packed – like sardines. News reports anywhere from 60-70K riders through Sunday!

On Friday, I parked on Fourth Avenue, where I lunched @ Delectables. Then I boarded the streetcar and rode to Mercado San Agustin, where I stopped by La Estrella Bakery for some cochitos and sugar cookies (using my Connect in the City card for a 10% discount). I can see myself taking the car to get to the Thursday afternoon Farmer’s Markets in the very near future.

On my later trip, I met up with my friend who was volunteering at a stop that evening. This car was so packed, I had to get off! Upon conclusion of her stint, we strolled over to Congress Street. We were both giddy at the sight of hundreds of people walking the streets. Each restaurant and bar filled (including the just opened Bianco) with patrons. We sauntered over to the pop-up beach park on Fifth to find a live band, kids playing volleyball, hula hoops, badminton and making sand castles. Food trucks lined the edge – foods you might find at a beach park – hot dog trucks, sno cones and more.

We decided we wanted to dine outside to watch the hubbub at Hub. While we sat, we met a lovely couple visiting from California. Janet grew up here. She was thrilled with the streets teeming with life and let us know that, as a child, she saw The Wizard of Oz in 1939 @ the Rialto!  Then we caught the Car to the University District, opting for a leisurely drink on the patio at Pasco, where the waitress was very sweet and attentive.

On Sunday, I started the route @ UMC to travel to Maker House for Sacred Space. The ride took about thirty minutes. Then I walked a couple of blocks to the House. I didn’t have to find a place to park, I didn’t have to use gas, I was green.

What I’ve found on these rides is the enthusiasm & friendliness of people – a sense of community that the Car has brought to Tucsonans. Each time, I’ve had opportunity to educate and inform people about the Streetcar, and all things downtown.  There’s already talk of where it might go next.

How would you used the streetcar? Hope to see you on a future ride!


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