And It’s Ours

29 Oct

IMG_4299I finally found some time to head down to R Bar.  With my visiting sister in tow, we headed to Herbert Alley to find this uniquely Tucson two-story gem.  If you love the copper penny floor at the Cup or marvel at the thousands of faces that are Tucson (mine included!) at the Fourth Avenue underpass, you will love this place.

The work of local designer Gary Patch and my faves Repp Design is evident in every inch of this space.  From the ultra cool mural to the trippy video wall to the prickly pair cactus lamps – these designers’ hands create a loving homage to this place we call home – Tucson.

We were greeted at the door (opened for us), given a menu and invited into this glowing red room.  We found ourselves a spot and poured over the drink menu.  Rory O’Rear has lovingly created some craft cocktails, and smartly includes a cocktail chart for those less aware (like me).  Moments after we sat, we were warmly greeted by staff and given two ice waters.  Now, that’s service!

My sister ordered the Rhum With a View while I partook of Flamingo Cocktail.  We were both quite pleased, taking in the flavors of the drink and the room.  They serve a nice selection of beer and wine, too.  While several patrons were clearly awaiting their show at The Rialto, it was evident that we were most welcome guests, too.

It is truly special.  You need to check it out.  This will be on the short list of places I must take visitors.  And, I can’t wait to go back myself.



One Response to “And It’s Ours”

  1. Terry Bagwell October 29, 2014 at 5:22 pm #

    Although it’s a red room, I’m glad it wasn’t redruM …or however that was! Here’s something you might enjoy:

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