Pop rocks, anyone?

14 Jun

photoI don’t wanna grow up, you say. Well, you don’t have to. Amidst the many craft cocktail options at High Wire Lounge, you can choose a drink with pop rocks or a drink with cotton candy in it.

The lounge opened to SRO Friday night. The many staff members were running around like crazy, making sure patrons were content. You have the option to lounge in the front seating area, sit at the bar, or hang outside in downtown Tucson’s newest courtyard and gathering space, sharing with the soon forthcoming Johnny Gibson Downtown Market and Independent Distillery.  They’re open from three to two daily.  You’ll find them off Arizona Avenue, s. of Congress.

While I still consider myself just a big kid, I didn’t opt for candy in my libation Friday night. I sipped on “A Brodie.” St. Germain was amongst the summery lemony flavor, so I aimed for a drink that connected with my Dutch roots.

I am convinced that the patrons were pleased and the staff slept very well that night!

Do you desire more summer childhood fun?!  Well, over at MOCA, they’re building and preparing portable swimming holes (shipped from NYC, made from dumpsters!) to be housed in the museum for the summer and then auctioned off.  Folks will be swimming by June 19.  Become a member and check it out!  (www.moca-tucson.org)



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