The Nook

18 Jun

photo 3I grew up in a home that was built in the 20’s. For many years, family would gather for a meal in the breakfast nook. It was an alcove off the kitchen with table and banquettes built in. Many a meal and many a conversation shared around table.

Tucson has it’s own Nook. Housed in the former V, at the corner of Congress and Stone, the expansive space has loads of outdoor space and a raised bed garden with vegetables and herbs for the meals. Nook proudly serves breakfast and lunch and, of course, connects with local food supply. They make their pastries in house, including home-made pop tarts.

I had the jalapeno scallion bacon omelette with smashed hash (the hash had the right crispness to it and was not oily or mushy), Exo Roast coffee (yum!) and went home with a scone to have later. Their food is ample, flavorful and interesting. Loved the food.  Loved the conversation.

For students or workers on the go, they have many options to take along to your next destination! They’re open daily. (

photo 1


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